hot start Taq polymerase

Product Introduction

Hot start DNA polymerase engineered to achieve high Specificity, sensitivity and Compatibility. 

Hot start DNA polymerase almost show no activity at room temperature, and could inhibit the forming of primer- dimer and non-specific amplification.

Product Description

● High Specificity  the Taq DNA polymerase has srong effect in inhibiting primer-dimer–forming

● High sensitivity  as low as 6 copies can be amplified

● High Compatibility  NuHi’s Taq DNA polymerase series are capable of replacing  most of the enzymes on the market

● High stability  can be stored at - 20 ℃ for 3 years without loss in enzyme activity



Contact: Richeal

Phone: 13806010972


Add: Fine chemical industry park, Nantong,Jiangsu

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